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Swimming Pool

Brookhaven Pool General Rules and Regulations

The Brookhaven swimming pool is a privately–owned recreation entity, entirely funded by
annual assessment of residents. The Brookhaven HOA Board of Directors administers the
pool rules and regulations. The day-to-day management of the pool is the responsibility of
Carolina Pool Management.
1. Lifeguards are to be treated with respect at all times. Complaints about lifeguards
should be directed to: Carolina Pool Management.
2. The Pool Managers and Lifeguards are responsible for enforcing the Pool Rules
established by the Board of Directors for your safety, health, and comfort. This
includes closing the pool for emergencies including weather, maintenance and
3. Foul and abusive language will not be tolerated and are grounds for expulsion from
the pool. An incident report will be filed which may lead to a suspension of pool
4. Soft balls can be used to play catch. No throwing of hard balls, tennis balls or
footballs. Do no throw balls at each other.
5. Headphones must be worn while listening to music. No speakers or radios
6. Admittance to the pool and pool deck is for Brookhaven homeowners in good standing
and their guests.
7. Each household will receive 2 pool access fobs. Pool access fobs must be shown in
order to enter the pool.
8. All pool attendees are required to sign in for each visit to the pool.
9. No one, regardless of age, may use the pool unless they are either (1) a strong and
competent swimmer, or (2) are under the direct and constant supervision of a strong
and competent swimmer.
10.All residents are required to familiarize themselves and their guests with all of the pool
11. No one, regardless of age, should swim alone.
12.Lap swimming in the lap lane and takes precedence over non-lap swimming. No
jumping into lap lane from the side.
13.Early morning lap swimmers may contact the Pool Committee regarding early morning
entrance and lap swimming privileges. Forms and waivers must be completed in
14.Gates to pool may not be propped open.
15.No running, pushing, horseplay, dunking, or holding people under water.
16.No jumping from the lifeguard stand, off of a persons’ shoulders, or jumping from the
side of the pool on another person or flotation device.
17.Diving is not permitted anywhere in the pool.
18.No loitering in the bathrooms or hallways.
19.No wet swimsuits in gym or playroom.
20.No glass bottles or other glass objects are permitted on the pool deck.
21.No alcoholic beverages are allowed for anyone under the age of 21 years old.
Consumption of alcohol is a matter of personal preference. Containers of alcoholic
beverages must be concealed.
Brookhaven Pool
General Rules and Regulations
22. Intoxicated behavior will not be tolerated. Persons exhibiting intoxicated behavior will
be asked to leave the premises (escorted out if necessary). An incident report will be
filed which may lead to a suspension of pool privileges.
23.All swimmers need to shower before entering the pool.
24.No smoking or vaping on the pool deck or in the pool.
25.Food is not permitted in the pool and must be consumed away from the perimeter of
the pool.
26.The clean up of food items and trash are the responsibility of the resident.
27.Water wings, small flotation devices, and small inflatable toys are permitted but are
subject to lifeguard discretion.
28.No pets, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, or rollerblades are allowed on the pool deck
at any time.
29.No person is allowed to swim with an open wound or an eye or skin infection.
30.Any person who is incontinent or not fully potty-trained must wear appropriate
waterproof clothing or swim diapers while in the pool. No exceptions.
31.Cut offs and indecent swim wear are not permitted in pool area.
32.Residents who have had their amenity privileges revoked may not enter the pool area
as guests.
33.The HOA Board of Directors, Lifeguards and Pool Committee have the authority, when
deemed necessary, to expel or revoke access anytime for misbehavior, use of abusive
language or apparent intoxication. To file a written complaint, write to: Cusick
34.The health and safety of the members and their guests are ultimately their own
responsibility and pool users use the pool at their own risk.
35.The Brookhaven Neighborhood Association and HOA Board of Directors are not
responsible for the loss or damage of personal property.
36.Concerns regarding security can be directed to: Landmark Security
37.The HOA Board of Directors reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations
at any time and without notice.
38.Large floats will only be allowed during non-peak times and at the lifeguards’
39.No hanging on the lane ropes
40.Lounge chairs and tables are available on a first come, first serve basis. You must be
present to secure seating. Seating is forfeited when you leave the pool area. Pool
furniture must remain on pool deck.
41.Pump room is for lifeguards and staff only.
42.No pop up tents permitted in pool area without prior authorization from pool
43.No chewing gum is permitted while on the deck or in the pool.

Brookhaven Water Slide Rules
1. All riders must be at least 48 inches tall to ride.
2. Height must be measured by a lifeguard.
3. Maximum rider weight is 300 pounds.
4. Non-swimmers are not permitted.
5. Riders must sit at top of slide and wait for instructions from life guard to start.
6. Riders must enter feet first while lying down on their back with arms and legs crossed.
7. Do not sit up during the ride. Remain in riding position until you exit the slide.
8. Do not propel yourself into ride.
9. Only 1 rider at a time. No trains or chains permitted.
10.No tubes, mats, life jackets or water wings or flotation devices of any kind permitted
on the slide.
11. No foreign objects are allowed in pockets and no jewelry, zippers, buckles or rivets
allowed on clothing. Only approved swimwear allowed.
12.The line should form on deck with one rider on each landing and one rider in start
13. Riders must be in good health.
14. Do not use this slide while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
15.No diving from the slide.
16. Leave plunge pool promptly after entering. No waiting at the bottom to catch
another rider.
17.Rider assumes all risk of injury due to misuse of the slide or failure to follow the rules.
WARNING: Failure to follow the rules can result in serious injury.
WARNING: Water depth at the bottom of slide in plunge pool is 3 feet 6 inches.

Brookhaven Lazy River Rules
No Lifeguard on Duty-Swim at Your Own Risk
1. Only enter the lazy river using the stairs.
2. Jumping or sliding into or across the lazy river from the pool deck is prohibited.
3. A tube must be used while in the lazy river.
4. No swimming or walking without a tube is permitted.
5. Tubes must stay in lazy river or on posts.
6. Tubes may not be saved.
7. Do not drag tubes across concrete.
8. Do not sit on tubes on concrete.
9. Do not jump on tubes in lazy river.
10.No “playing catch” or throwing balls/ toys in the lazy river.
11. No lifesaving flotation devices allowed in the lazy river.
12. No non-swimmers allowed in lazy river unless accompanied by an adult.

Important Information

Hours: See Pool Hours Document

Opens: May 14, 2022

Closes: September 18, 2022