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Water Slide

** NOTE: The Water Slide is only available when the lifeguards are on duty. Two lifeguards must be on duty when the slide is operational. **


Water Slide Rules
1. Use of the water slide is restricted to only those hours during which a lifeguard is on
2. Individuals desiring to use the water slide must be at least 48 inches talls and under the lifeguard's observation.
3. Women who are pregnant, and anyone with a heart or back condition should not use the
    water slide.
4. Swim suits must be free of buckles and sharp objects. No cut offs are allowed.
    Riders may not be wearing jewelry.
5. No swim aids are permitted in the flume.  This includes floats, tubes, mats and life jackets.
6. Riders must come down the slide feet first, either in a sitting position and lying down on
   their back.
7. There shall be no running or jumping into the slide area or the splash pool.
8. Only one rider at a time is permitted on the slide.  There shall be no 'trains' of people
    nor shall there be small children riding down with adults or older children.
9. Arms, hands, feet and legs must be kept inside the flume at all times.
10.Extraneous activity in the splash pool is prohibited.  Riders should exit the splash pool immediately after landing.
11.Use of the slide for any reason during non-lifeguard hours or other unapproved events is strictly prohibited.  Persons using the slide in a manner that violates this rule will be banned from slide use for the remainder of the season.
12.Failure to follow the above rules can result in serious injury of loss of privilege.  Be a smart slider.